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The penultimate performance at the sunday East Rutherford MetLife Stadium Event tickets was an exhilarating display of scintillating sonic acrobatics by the iconic metallica, the up-and-coming five finger death punch, and the emerging ice nine kills. The throng of avid concert-goers were presented with a memorable amalgam of hard rock, heavy metal, and punk rock, deftly and dexterously crafted by the three bands. From the onset of metallica's opening set to the final encore by ice nine kills, the audience was enraptured by the performances, eagerly awaiting the next solos and emphatic vocalizations of the bands. The skillful melodic interplay between the electric guitars and drums was especially notable, creating a sonic landscape of thrilling complexity. The evening was a triumphant success for the bands, leaving the attendees with an insatiable craving for more.