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The most powerful computer is capable of almost all means - more. The extension to become personal is to support the stylus Pad along the plug Wise Plug, even if the tablet is not seen just now, it will help us in the most recent areas. In the most recent annotation images, The Pad. we had the first supposed provides for the rumored 12-inch Mac Air stream New non bluetooth of Apple to begin appearing, but now we could get Apple iPhone the real guy. A new photo order from the Chinese-language website, iFanr, says they can showcase the front of the future laptop alongside current MacBooks and iPads. The webpage also states that it will indicate that the 12-inch Mac offers a Retina-good quality gift, although they can not discover the particular quality. The modern mobile computer would have already been used for bulk manufacturing and should also be presented in time for the Chinese language year on February 20th. Previous accounts have also suggested that the Mac would only offer one Kind-D Universal serial bus port, although the incomplete unit published here is not the lower fifty percent level that could lose more light on these vaults. Curiously, the mobile computer seems to be metal. The Apple company logo, highlighted on the iPad and Apple iPhone, instead of the company's bright logo added to current agptek bluetooth transmitter MacBook. Unfortunately, we can not know if these images are true, though, when they are, it seems that Apple is about to launch its 12-inch Mac. Hopefully, the company will make the most of it early next year, instead of waiting until the fall of 2015.

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